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Electrical horizontal and vertical coils flip tong

Name:Electrical horizontal and vertical coils flip tong





         Electrical horizontal and vertical coils flip tong is applied for tong to hoist vertical coil and turn 90°in the air, making horizontal coil place on the ground, or to hoist horizontal coil and turn 90° in the air, making vertical coil place on the ground.

Main applications:

          Iron and steel industries turn horizontal coil into vertical coil for loading (on train or vehicle); steel transfer or units turn vertical coil into horizontal coil and cold rolling mill turns horizontal coil into vertical coil for loading on/unloading from annealing furnace.


          1. Hoist, turning, loading/unloading (bell-type furnace), all completed by one time. It saves equipment investment (one hoist, one coil tilter, one vertical coil tong, and one horizontal coil tong) and two laborers and increases work efficiency by three times.

          2.Electrical horizontal and vertical coils flip tong occupies small space, and is capable of highly centering with no damage to coil during reasonable loading/unloading. It is applicable for loading on/unloading from train and all kinds of working conditions.


          The tong consists of flip part and the tong. If there is a need of rotation in hoisting, the tong may be equipped with a rotating head. For the tong, motor drives screw and nut to make the tong impose initial clamping force on steel coil. After the coil is hoisted, final clamping is made by the wedge surface of tong to steel tube. For flipping part, motor drives sprocket to rotate, which drives a chain to extend and another chain to shorten, so that tong at the bottom is driven for rotation.

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