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Mechanical double-arm vertical coil tong

Name:Mechanical double -arm vertical coil tong




        Hoisting cold-rolled vertical coil; mainly used in loading/unloading cold-rolled vertical coil on/from bell-type annealing furnace.


       1. When hoisting vertical coil, two pairs of inner and outer tong legs move separately; inner legs support the inner wall of steel coil outward while outer legs tong the external wall of the coil inward so as to produce clamping force.

       2. After vertical coil is hoisted, the bottom of the coil is absolutely horizontal.

       3. In operation, there is no relative sliding between the tong and the coil, which makes no damage on steel coil.

       4. The jaw of this tong imposes a clamping force that is half of that of single-arm tong on the coil.

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