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Electrical horizontal coil tong

Name:Electrical horizontal coil tong



There are 3 kinds of electrical horizontal coil tongs:

1. By means of gear and rack driving tong legs to make them tighten or loosen.

         (1) This kind of tong is driven by torque motor and the tong legs is driven by sprocket, turbine worm reducer gear and rack to make them tighten or loosen.

         (2) The tong can protect steel coils: a pair of proximity switches on inner side surfaces of tong legs make legs stop (at a distance of 20mm) from both sides of steel coils when they do not contact steel coils and make no damage to steel coils while hoisting.

         (3) Highly centering functions: the center hole of steel coils have normally sizes of φ508 and φ610. There are two sets of photoelectric switch correlated mounted on tong legs; during operation, the switches beam through center hole, which makes the tong tighten and is easy to operate.

         (4) After the coil is hoisted, mechanical lockout is activated to prevent tong from opening in the air even there is a misoperation.

        (5) Surface protection of tong legs:

              A:  A layer of polyurethane protection with 20mm thickness casted upon tong legs.

              B:  Aluminium sheet protection added inside.

         (6) If required, tong may be equipped with rotating head, which enables tong to make a 360º horizontal rotary in operation.

         (7) Claws may turn into tong legs to save the occupancies of tong legs and turn out in hoisting.

2. By means of three screws driving nuts which drive tong legs to tighten and loosen.

          Motor reducer drives screws and nuts to drive tong legs to tighten or loosen. Other protection and rotating head, as well as gear and rack transmission is same as those of electrical tong.

3. Electrical horizontal coil tong with hinge and four-arm structure

         Motor reducer makes one screw and nut drive four arms to open and fold, which drives tong legs to loosen or tighten; a 360º horizontal rotating head may also be equipped whereas claws may also turn into legs and turn out while hoisting.

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