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Mechanical steel billet tong

Name:Mechanical steel billet tong




         The transport of steel billet. Steel billet means slab with multiple layers or single-layer, or square billet consisting of 2-10 sticks as a row for one to three layers.


          1. The tong opening and closing is controlled by gravity hoist.

          2. With lever assembly, the tong produces sufficient clamping force by which friction is produced to clamp the billet.

          3. There are two pairs of removable jaws on the tong. The jaws are made from high-strength alloy steel and hard alloy rod for bead weld after heat treatment. It has the red hardness, high strength and high tenacity.

          4. The connection of tong and hook presents in various structure. For long slab, the design may be three pairs of jaws.

          5. The sections of tong arm and link arm is I-shaped or T-shaped structure, which is a jacketed structure as same as axis join and has a fine stiffness and long life.

          6. In the event of hoisting high-temperature steel billet, the tong is fully provided with oil filler point lubrication. For normal-temperature steel billet, it uses lubricating oil reserved in oil groove for lubrication.

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