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Electrical winding slab tong

Name:Electrical winding slab tong




        Use for the slab offline and loader hoisting.


        1. The slab tong is a lever in form, with large clamping force and hoisting slab is safe and reliable.

         2. The tong opening and closing uses winding in form, which means that with motor driving the rolling drum and steel wire rope extending through pulley; the width of opening is controlled.

         3. Slabs with different thickness may be clamped without adjustment of the tong.

         4. When the tong clamps the slabs with different widths, it may not be necessary for maximum width of opening every time, which saves the action time of the tong.

         5. Clamping slab is made by mechanical force, which is safe and reliable.


         1. Electrical winding slab tong is cheaper, simpler and lighter than electrical shifting slab tong.

         2. It is easier to repair, comparing with electrical shifting slab tong.

         3. Due to the fact that clamping is made by mechanical force, it is more safe and more reliable than electrical shifting slab tong.

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